Sunshine Pickle Company sprouts on Treasure Coast

Not even halfway into the year, 2023 has already been deemed “The Year of the Pickle!” From dill potato chips, dill peanuts, popcorn and even beer, people are in love with all things pickled. The timing couldn’t be better for Vero Beach entrepreneurs, Josh and Kiaran Kabat’s new pickle company, The Sunshine Pickle Company.

“We launched the brand on Christmas eve of 2022 at the Fort Pierce farmers market to rave reviews and an instant cult following, we are so happy with all the community support and love we’ve received in such a short time of being in existence,” says Josh.

While the brand may be new, this is not the couple's first go around in the pickle business. “We’ve built 3 other successful pickle brands in addition to our product development company, Kab-Co Product Development outside of Florida, this new one is very much a passion project for us, kind of a way to prove to ourselves along with some others that we can continue with the success we’ve experienced in the past, and do it with a totally new company,” explains Kiaran.

“We try to eat very clean and healthy as a family, we have an 8 year old and a 5 year old that we don’t want eating the over processed and additive filled foods the fill our grocery store shelves today. We made a product completely sourced and produced in Florida, free of any additives or Preservatives. Our pickles are as clean of a snack as it gets,” says Kiaran.

While Josh has been busy working the local market and festival circuit getting the brand name out there, the couple's goals are much bigger than just existing as a local brand. ”The Product is beginning to pop up on store shelves throughout the entire state. We were able to secure distribution with another family-owned Florida company, which is very important to us. A community becomes stronger when you support local businesses, we hope to make a positive impact everywhere we are sold, we want to be Florida’s official snacking pickle.” For more information, log onto their website or call 772.213.9994.

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