A day in the life of the residents at Save the Chimps



Ever wondered exactly what your support means to our chimpanzee residents? It means that every day, they wake up with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their day will be filled with love, companionship, care, and freedom.

Donate now, and a generous supporter will match your gift. This is the best time to make your end-of-year 2022 gift. It will have twice the impact in providing enrichment and care to more than 220 chimpanzee residents.

Thanks to your support, here is what a day at the sanctuary looks like for our chimpanzee residents…

Dawn - Chimpanzee families begin waking up to a beautiful sunrise over their islands. A misty dawn morning is greeted with a chorus of birds chirping along with pant-hoots from our residents.

6:30 am - Veterinary staff prepare medications for chimps who need them. Medications are often mixed into the chimps’ favorite juice. Medications and meals are then ready to be picked up by care staff.

8:00 am – The caregivers arrive at the chimps' building to serve breakfast. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always on the menu. While the chimps are inside eating breakfast, staff clean the outdoor patio where the chimps enjoy hanging out and put enrichment on the islands to promote physical activity and exploration.

9:30 am – Our residents have the freedom to choose how to spend the day, whether it's curled up in the shade, climbing the structures and trees, exploring the island, playing with friends, or basking in the sun. While they enjoy their day, the indoor housing is cleaned from floor to ceiling!

11:30 am – It’s lunchtime! There is no doubt about it, chimps love to eat. More fresh produce is on the menu and it is met with just as much enthusiasm as breakfast.

1 pm - After lunch our residents are given more enrichment. Some choose to stay inside and watch staff go about their daily cleaning routines while others explore the island. The choice is theirs.

3:30 pm – Dinner arrives. One way in which we ensure the chimpanzees' well-being is through nutrition. It is part of the healthy lifestyle that helps our residents, like Lisa the 1st, thrive.

Dusk – As night falls over the sanctuary, it becomes fairly quiet, except for an occasional pant-hoot from a resident still settling down. Most chimps nest indoors while some prefer to nest under the stars. The staff on the night shift ensure all is well until the sun rises again for another day in paradise.

We have nearly reached our goal! Can you help us? All donations until we reach the goal of $150,000 are matched by a generous supporter. It’s one of the best times to give because your donation will go twice as far in providing daily care to our incredible residents.

Donate now

  • $12 will be doubled to $24 and help provide meals to our residents

  • $20 will be doubled to $40 to help provide engaging enrichment

  • $40 will be doubled to $80 and help provide vital medical care


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