A Day’s Journey: self-discovery and personal growth workshop



Self-discovery doesn’t require you to reinvent yourself (unless you want to). You can simply desire to understand yourself better. We all question who we truly are at some point on our journey. Life gets busy, we get distracted with our goals and “to do’s”, raising our family and making others happy. Slowly, unintentionally along the way, we can lose our sense of self. You were in everyone else’s backyard but who was in yours? So, it makes sense if you are confused about what you want, your place in the world or your purpose. Plus, with the complexity in the world right now, it’s hard not to feel some level of stress. This workshop builds on how you can be compassionate with yourself and others but not take on the feelings of others that drain you and prohibit you living your life to the fullest. Here is one of my best coaching tips. You are the one you are waiting for! There is nothing out there that is going to provide sustainable joy and an optimal life- no job, no spouse, no achievement, no home, or vacation. Sustainable joy and the ability to give and receive love is an inside job and requires knowing yourself. And to do that, we need help observing our mind and behavior because it’s hard to step outside ourselves and be able to see gaps and suggest changes that would lead to our growth. Trust me, I have worked with the best and the brightest and we don’t see the water we swim in. Working together as a small, supportive group, we will draw on different techniques and concepts such as the Enneagram, Mindfulness, a consciousness model called “Living Above the Line” and other exercises and embodiment practices to gain a new perspective, uncover a deeper awareness about ourselves, access strengths we possess and shift our thought processes in ways that better support our thriving in life. Some of the many positive changes you may experience:

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new

Uncover unconscious patterns and habits that sabotage your enjoyment of life

Let go of other people’s image of you and follow your internal compass

Spend time visualizing your ideal self and lifestyle

Access a sense of calm and balance in your life

Experience heart opening and personal growth

Strengthen your meaningful relationships in a mutually beneficial wayStrategize your next moves

Feel supported and understood by like-minded folks that want to expand and grow just like you do

You’ll grow and change as you discover more about yourself. Trust me, your starting point will feel nothing like the finish line. I promise you a day of personal growth, renewal, and fun! Fee: $350 and may be paid by Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or check prior to workshop date. Group limited to 8. Please RSVP early and claim your spot/payment reserves your space.

RSVP/Questions: Mmontgomery425@gmail.com

Location: Vero Beach (specific address provided once registered)