The Salvation Army of Indian River County has announced that it has received a $30,000 grant from the John’s Island Foundation to fund the purchase of a Disaster Relief Vehicle to help expand the Disaster Relief and first responder support program in the Indian River County community.

The 2015 Ford F-350 4×4 Crew-cab pick-up truck will be designated for use in helping with transporting disaster supplies that include food, water, comfort materials and towing generators to needed areas of first responders during the time of disasters such as flood, fire, or any type of natural disasters hitting the Indian River country area.

While every disaster is unique and creates its own special needs, the core of The Salvation Army’s disaster program consists of several basic services. And while these services address many of the typical needs of a disaster survivor, Salvation Army disaster relief is also flexible. Our services are adapted to the specific needs of individuals and communities and scalable according to the magnitude of the disaster.

“The Salvation Army is an important resource for Indian River County, especially when disaster strikes. The John’s Island Foundation is happy to support the good work of this vital organization.” Said Mark Earle, Johns Island Foundation Board Chairman.

Whenever a disaster strikes, The Salvation Army is on the scene offering assistance – a hot cup of coffee or cold drink, food, a warm blanket, emergency housing, and an encouraging word. The Salvation Army can respond at the local, regional, or national level to provide assistance and hope to those affected by disaster. For 105 years, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) teams – comprised of commissioned officers, trained employees and volunteers have responded to natural and man-made disasters such as fires, explosions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and other emergency situations that place communities at risk or which may disrupt family security and well- being. While each disaster causes its own unique impact, there are certain basic needs that can be met by The Salvation Army. In cases of disaster, The Salvation Army is prepared to provide these basic services: On-site assistance to disaster workers, mass feeding, individual feeding, emergency shelters, comfort stations, spiritual ministry and distribution of clothing, food relief supplies and other necessary items.

To reach the Salvation Army and learn more about the programs and services or how to help and get involved, donate and volunteer, call (772) 978-0265.

Pictured above: Disaster team members Karman and Marvin Lee, Elaine McNeal, Brian Baker, Barb Crespo, Mike Heath, Sal Army Board Chair Jeff Smith and John’s Island Foundation Board Chair Mark Earle.