A new board and officers have been installed for the 2015-2016 term at the Vero Beach Art Club. Rita Ziegler swore in new president Sue Dinenno, vice-president Rebecca Van Cordt, and treasurer Judy Mercer who joins current treasurer Fran San Miguel and new board members Nancy Reeves and Dawn Mill join returning members Deirdre Bugbee, George Paxton and Kim Weissenborn.

The new board already has plans in the works to focus on increasing club membership and bringing back a sense of fun with innovative new strategies and activities including some field trips to museums, restaurants and enjoyable social activities. A new committee has also been formed to find great discounts at local stores and locations which will be available only to art club members.

The Vero Beach Art Club is a non-profit corporation who are the force behind the many annual art events in the community, including under the Oaks Fine Arts Show, Art by the Sea, Art in the Park, Art on the Island and the Art Trail.