VERO BEACH – The Cataract Institute at New Vision Eye Center is pleased to announce the acquisition of the IOL Master 700, the latest addition to their technologically advanced center. The IOL Master 700 is the first and only in Vero Beach and has revolutionized cataract surgery, along with patient safety and satisfaction.

The IOLMaster 700 is the newest technology from medical device maker ZEISS. The machine utilizes the OCT imaging process, in which a single beam of unified light is sent out at a low coherence to scan every angle, detail, depth, length, and structure in the inner and outer eye, making it exceedingly more advanced than the other eye-scanning technologies available in Vero Beach.

These images are used for the pre-operative planning for cataract surgery, including the selection of the intraocular lens (IOL) implanted during cataract surgery. Other devices display only numbers whereas the new IOLMaster 700 displays multiple-image pictures of the patient’s unique eye. This greatly increases confidence in the pre-operative measurements.

In addition to displaying a full-length view of the eye, the IOLMaster 700 gives the most precise measurements, factors out false measurements automatically, shows and eliminates the risk of off-axis fixation, simplifies the scanning procedure, provides an image to compare proper vessel organization, transmits the data immediately from the device to a computer, has a the most advanced built-in intraocular lens calculation formulas, and obtains over 270 intraocular lens replicas easily in the User Group of Laser Interference Biometry.

This revolutionary scanning device provides a precise and extremely clear three-dimensional scan of the eye from the cornea to the retina, time after time. The cataract surgeons, Dr. Paul Minotty and Dr. Stephen Tate, then use this high-resolution scan to better understand each complexity of the eye before the cataract procedure takes place.

About The Cataract Institute at New Vision Eye Center
The Cataract Institute at New Vision Eye Center continually updates their equipment and expertise as new technological advances become available, providing their patients with world-class eye care. Patients have access to a knowledgeable, caring staff and state-of-the-art technology and procedures for all of their vision concerns at 1055 37th Place, Vero Beach, FL 32960. For more information, call 772.257.8700 or visit

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