Development center provides a helping hand with pandemic challenges

Since the spring issue of Treasure Coast Business magazine, many regional businesses have reopened and are “back to biz.” Although glimpses of normal operations exist, the reality is that the business community must continue to deal with an unprecedented, changing and challenging marketplace created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as the marketplace began to re-open, many hospitality operators had to cease operations to address a surge in coronavirus cases.

Dr. Edwin Massey

Dr. Edwin Massey has served as president of Indian River State College for 32 years.

As with the spring issue, this issue provides timely and relevant content regarding business operations during COVID-19. Business owners and operators who thoroughly review this publication will find insights, tips and information regarding business relief and recovery. It features stories on how to fill out a Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness application, alternative financing options, short-term upskill training and certification programs at Indian River State College, and a dedicated guide to business resiliency in times of disaster from the Florida Small Business Development Center.

Behind the pages, photos and stories are people at the Florida SBDC at IRSC who are ready and available to meet, discuss and provide input regarding your business reopening and market re-engagement strategies and plans. I would encourage the business community to lean on and leverage this valuable business tool and resource provided by IRSC.

Since the pandemic began to create havoc for the marketplace, Treasure Coast business owners and operators have demonstrated incredible resiliency. Employing innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset, they have created new business models, developed new customer touch points and launched new customer service and delivery channels.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enables people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in all settings, industries and conditions. This mindset has served our region’s business owners well during the good times and during the recent bad times.

We want to thank and highlight Dr. Edwin Massey, president of Indian River State College, an individual who has used this entrepreneurial mindset to lead and move our region, business community and IRSC through years of growth, innovation and success.

Dr. Massey has always understood the college’s vital role as a leader and catalyst for economic development. As evidence of this support, he launched the college’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year event, supported small business conferences and summits, held leadership positions with national entrepreneurship and regional economic development organizations and has been an influential leader in numerous business-related initiatives.

Under his leadership, the Dan K. Richardson Entrepreneurship Development Institute was created and launched. This innovative niche division was specifically designed to provide the region’s business community with workforce development training, pre-licensure and certification training along with credentialed business assistance and consulting. Those of us who work within this business-support division take great pride and confidence in knowing that while our college president is focused on the academic mandates and objectives, he also possesses remarkable business acumen and a thorough understanding of our program, its importance and value to the business community.

Thank you, Dr. Massey for all you, your team and Indian River State College do for student success along the Treasure Coast and in Florida.

And — from your niche division — thanks for mentoring many and inspiring generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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