FORT PIERCE – Mexican based Jet Rescue Air Ambulance’s CEO, Carlos Salinas, and US air ambulance pioneer James Hoehn have announced a strategic partnership, resulting in a new Florida based organization, American Jet Rescue Worldwide Air Ambulance.

Both leaders are twenty-five plus year veterans in the global jet air ambulance arena. The joint venture brings together two air medical organizations, highly respected for many years throughout the Americas, and more recently worldwide. The pairing of the two provides a one-call option for air medical transports from the tip of South America to all areas of North America and Canada, and now worldwide.

The partnership was formed with the goal of bringing next generation air medical transportation to the industry. “We have studied our operations and have determined a number of key changes and upgrades we can incorporate right now into our transport model, that greatly enhance the clinical level of care to our patients, largely unconsidered by most of our competitors,” says Salinas.

“Technology and cutting edge clinical techniques available today are readily available in lighter, more portable packages than was imagined even a just few years ago,” Salinas continues. “And, incorporating them into our program moves us into a pro-active treatment and preventive care mode, as opposed to the old-school damage control and reactive mindset of air medical providers not yet embracing the full scope of advanced research and technology.”

At the newest Fort Pierce Florida base, Hoehn has assembled a team of experienced medical and aviation specialists that are tasked with safety and patient care as a priority above all. “Superior client services spur customer satisfaction and return growth from a business perspective,” says Hoehn. “However, as important as that is on our agenda, patient care and outcome, along with safety for clients, crew and ground support are always the number one priority, ahead of business ambitions. With the alliance of the two organizations, we are finding many ways to bring the goals of enhanced patient care, safety and client convenience into one innovative program without losing sight of keeping costs at a thoughtful level.”

The combined fleet includes eight jets at various bases. Salinas and Hoehn anticipate additional aircraft based in the US and other potential bases currently being evaluated for forecast need and feasibility. Find American Jet Rescue online at or call 772.217.6162.

With over 20 years of Experience Jet Rescue is the largest fix-wing air medical transportation provider in Latin America. The company has flown over thousands of successful missions to and from worldwide destinations.

Jet Rescue is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI). Its air ambulance services are licensed by Mexico and international agencies. Jet Rescue Provides immediate access to air ambulance service in Cuba.