Forbes has named Port St. Lucie the eighth best city for job growth in the United States. According to the article, Port St. Lucie ranked eighth because of its 3.5 percent projected annual job growth. The article also notes that this city has a $43,964 median household income and a 7.1 percent unemployment rate.

This honor can also be attributed to a rise in new jobs in this area. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that Port St. Lucie added approximately 1,300 new leisure and hospitality-related jobs since Jan. 2010, and approximately 2,200 jobs in education and health services.

An increase in building permits is evidence of the growth as well. From January 2014 through June, Port St. Lucie has issued nearly 10,477 building permits – a 67 percent increase from the low in 2009. In June this year, there were 1,975 applications for permits, which is the most in the last seven years.

The city also has several square miles of shovel-ready parcels with modern infrastructure ready for fast-track development along Interstate 95.

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