IRSC students studied abroad with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in summer 2017.

Indian River State College will offer eight fascinating trips during the summer of 2018, with the opportunity to earn college credits related to each trip’s area of emphasis. IRSC Study Abroad will focus on Europe, Spain, Caribbean, Prague in the Czech Republic followed by Taiwan and Hong Kong, Honduras, France, Panama and Jamaica.

EUROPE (May 7 to 19) – Explore how economics, math and sociology apply to global perspectives. Visit Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland; Venice, Florence and Pisa, Italy; French Riviera and Paris, France.

SPAIN (May 12 to 25) – Delve into the language, culture and history of Spain with home stays in Salamanca and a week in language school. Visit Seville, Granada and Madrid.

CARIBBEAN (May 13 to 20) – Study astronomy in a classroom at sea, including celestial navigation, recognizing stars and constellations and observing the moon. Visit Nassau, Bahamas; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

PRAGUE, TAIWAN AND HONG KONG (May 24 to June 21) – This 30-day program provides the opportunity to reside on a university campus in the Czech Republic, understanding business in a European environment, augmented by an excursion to Taiwan and Hong Kong to study the relationship between US, European and Asian markets.

HONDURAS (May 26 to June 2) – Unique opportunity to work with dolphins and study animal behavior and marine ecology and how people and the environment affect each other. Visit Roatan Island, Honduras.

FRANCE (May 28 to June 7) – Culinary experience in the culinary capital of the world, with hands-on experience at the famous culinary school, Institut Paul Bocuse. Visit Paris, Versailles, Beaune and Lyon.

PANAMA (June 17 to 25) – Explore the politics and culture of Panama and one of the greatest engineering feats ever accomplished, the Panama Canal. Earn Honors college credits and visit Panama City, Gamboa and Playa Bonita.

JAMAICA (July 1 to 8) – Immerse in the historical, cultural and social aspects of the beautiful island of Jamaica. Earn credits in interdisciplinary studies in social sciences, math, communications and humanities.

For more information visit or call 1-866-792-4772 and indicate your trip of interest.

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